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Cruise4Two – Get the edge over your competition by offering a cruise vacation for two.

Cruise4Two is the leading provider of travel certificates and cruise incentives for companies nation-wide. Providing quality incentive marketing solutions for both our client’s customers and their employees, we will help you to be more successful in today’s competitive business environment.

Let’s face it; earning your customers loyalty is more challenging than ever. Those that can reward and build a relationship with their customers will be the ultimate winners. People love to take cruises. It’s a chance to get away and experience something totally different – with friends or family. Plus, cruise incentives perform better than any other type of reward, discount, amenity or travel voucher program.

“The high perceived value of the cruise allows us to compete in a very soft market without having to resort to offering the huge concessions our competition is offering. The pairing of the cruise certificate with a modest discount has been an unbelievable success!”  -  Chris Pratt, Property Manager

Whether you want to give your customers a cruise to the Caribbean, Mexico or the Bahamas, Cruise4Two is here to make it happen. With our high quality cruise incentives and travel certificates, we help you increase sales, build customer loyalty and motivate your employees.

As the leader in the premium and incentive industry, we have travel programs to fit every budget and every type of promotion. Plus, we can ship travel vouchers overnight which is ideal for those who are busy and are putting together that last minute marketing campaign.

Contact us today to see why we are the number one incentive choice for companies nation-wide.